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Porritiello Rame dal 1934 Napoli | Porritiello Rame dal 1934
Azienda Artigianale Porritiello Rame dal 1934, rame napoli,
Porritiello, rame, acciaio , Napoli, artigianale, ottone, rame napoli


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the art of craft production since 1934 and ‘at your service.



Artisan Copper

The Art of Craftsmanship

Porritiello Copper also makes Service Restoration and Tinning of old copper, ensuring the quality of the service offered through self-certification for the product chosen.

Porritiello Copper Naples

The Art of Craftsmanship

Our Company has always cultivated and put into practice the oldest of the arts, artisan workmanship. Thanks to the commitment and passion gained over time, we do that every manufactured product will be of maximum satisfaction for our customers. We handle every aspect of the requests presented to us, and give our best in every work not forgetting quality and certification relating to the type of material used.

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Boat Stainless Steel by Buffett


We make cleanings, restorations and tinning of copper and brass items; with a negligible expense of your old antique become like new . Try it!
The art of restoration will give new life to your objects, treated in the manner provided for giving a new life to your memories.
You make the customization of plaques, medallions, signs, oil bottles and portapizza.