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Porritiello Rame dal 1934 Napoli | Stagnatura, pulitura e restauro
Stagnatura, pulitura e restauro pezzi antiquariato, porritiello rame napoli, porritiello rame, rame, napoli
Stagnatura, pulitura, restauro, antiquariato, porritiello rame napoli, porritiello rame, rame, napoli, rame, napoli, qualità, stile, estetica

Tinning and Restoration


e make cleanings, restorations and tinning of articles in copper and brass, with a paltry expense your old antique become like new. The process carried out will be able to return to their original splendor the antique Treaty.


Artigianrame Porritiello synonymous with Quality and Satisfaction Guarantee.

Many customers who rely on our Company to donate a healthy glow to products deteriorated over time. Thanks to the process of Tinning and Restoration will donate tone and force it back to the product state originale.Try to Believe …

Finally and importantly, all of the work performed are accompanied by a guarantee of workmanship and authenticity certificate on the treated product.