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Porritiello Rame dal 1934 Napoli | Fryer with Canopy

Fryer Mobile copper or steel canopy

The Fryer on wheels with roof opens a new chapter in the field of deep fryers.

Constructed entirely of stainless steel with a pure copper coating and hammered finishes in brushed brass, his favorite victims are donuts, fry, but also dishes such as soup of mussels, octopus Luciana, or pasta dishes, then it will be the chef’s imagination to do everything else … With automated ignition, flame regulator, and coating structure around the flame, which will allow you to cook your food in optimal situations even in case of strong wind. Its simplicity and safety of use make it indispensable in moments of work, adding a touch of elegance with practicality. In addition, the unit has a safety valve with thermocouple, which blocks the gas supply in the event of spillage. Maneggevolissimo, ideal for catering and street food, or anyone who needs to move frequently from one place to another. Supply LPG.

  • Can be customized with logo of the structure to which it is addressed.
  • Also available in all stainless steel or brushed rosettato.
  • Ability to add No. 1 extractor built with interchangeable filters carbon mark Faber, to eliminate odors in excess.
Carrettino doppia friggitoria con tettoia da 80 cm

Fryer Mobile Cooper 80 cm

Carrettino doppia friggitoria con tettoia da 80 cm acciaio o rame

Double Fryer Mobile Cooper with canopy 80 cm steel or rame