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Porritiello Rame dal 1934 Napoli | Cart Barbecue

Cart barbecue with shed

The same conception of the frying basket, entirely handmade, and therefore removable casters, with professional barbecue for superior performance, long-lasting, with a pure copper coating hammered finishes and brushed brass. The barbecue is professional in stainless steel, with grill on high heat with heat spreader having No. 4 burners (4 kW each.) In tubular, with its automated and thermocouples ignition flame regulator. In addition, for a perfect hygiene and cleaning, the barbecue is equipped with internal gutter for the drainage of the fat and the fat collecting tray. In a very short time the plates reach high temperatures, in fact the fire directly heats the grid through the speakers for the uniform distribution of heat, it is therefore possible to obtain a rapid and homogeneous cooking, in a short time.In addition, the unit has a valve Safety thermocouple, which blocks the gas supply in case of spills. Supply LPG.

  • Possibility of personalization with logo of the structure to which it is addressed.
  • Also available entirely in satin or rosette stainless steel.
  • It is possible to add No. 1 flush-mounted vacuum cleaner with Faber’s Faber-activated carbons interchangeable filters to eliminate excess odors.
Barbecue mobile con tettoia

Portable barbecue with shed

Aspiratore Faber con filtri carboni attivi

Faber extractor with active carbon filters