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Porritiello Rame dal 1934 Napoli | Company



  • Exclusive Line

    – Benches and Gazebos Friggitoria

  • Restoration Copper

    – Restoration copper and Tinning

  • Made to Measure

    – Custom-work drawing



The Porritiello Copper and Steel SRL was founded in 1934 and achieved through careful and meticulous Craftsmanship:

  • Copper Pots
  • Copper Decor and Accessories
  • Exclusive benches and gazebos Copper and Stainless Steel

The line dedicated to benches and gazebos, is carried on supports with castors used as:

  • Friggitoria
  • Braceria
  • Barrow Ice

Also performing works from design and measurement as:

  • Hoods
  • Tables
  • Coatings
  • Service Restoration
  • Tinning antique copper and more …

Artisan production

Steel Production

Customizing Products

Customer Satisfaction