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Porritiello Rame dal 1934 Napoli | History


Porritiello Storia


The Porritiello Copper and Steel was founded in 1934 in St. Anastasia (NA) on the initiative of the founder Luigi Porritiello, skilled craftsman and willing to put to good use his innate skill in copper processing. Initially, the founder took care only to introduce and commercialize the batteries of copper pots in the Campania region and commissioned the work of skilled craftsmen who were concentrated in the historic part of the country. The flourishing trade allowed a strong professional growth of local manodopere around the 70s began to finish the pots with the typical typing exclusively for Porritiello family, led by his son in the meantime Christmas. These, thought it well to begin with their workers the first point of processing: first bought the lathe for tasformare copper, the initial disk-shaped profile of the pots, and in several different models.

In the 80s, the decline in external orders for small artisans finishers, Christmas pushed to hire them directly into the new complex, very active today more than ever, giving a commendable example of “common” artisan, a real defense of a noble art in high risk of extinction.

The challenge for Christmas was met brilliantly by his son Luigi, the current owner of the company, which over recent years has consolidated his father’s work, continuing to qualify and broaden the market and the range of products, and introducing objects in stainless steel products in the series to get to exclusive line of benches and gazebos furniture made ​​of copper-steel, both Fryer, both braceria, both Carretto Gelati so going to enrich the most beautiful and unusual gardens of villas for ceremonies and events in Italy and abroad, winning the field of professional catering quality. In recent months, Luigi, alongside works distinctly personalized decided to revive the concept of cookware in a traditional elitist version: hand typing, great finish, Bright tin finish and renewable over time.

These characteristics have made it ‘that our Company to become industry leaders.

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